Treatment for teratozoospermia

The causes behind teratozoospermia are blurry and hard to identify, therefore, finding the right solution to address bad sperm morphology is not an easy task. A suitable treatment should be aimed at optimising sperm maturation.

Treating teratozoospermia

Teratozoospermia can be genetical or due to hormonal imbalances or traumas. Inherited teratozoospermia is very difficult to cure or treat.

Urologists advise some treatments that may improve sperm morphology. The administration of antioxidants, like L-carnitin, is the most common approach. Semen parameters improve by taking vitamin complexes.
Severe teratozoospermia is hardly reversible, however, the seriousness might be reduced with the right treatment.

Natural treatments

A balanced diet improves overall health condition. To eat fruit and vegetables is very beneficial to sperm quality.

Healthy dietary habits

Eating a fair amount of fruits and vegetables will improve sperm quality, as they are high in antioxidants. Blue fish is also recommended, for its content in omega-3 fatty acids.

Homeopathy is an alternative for those that choose not to take therapeutical drugs. Men with sterility problems, teratozoospermia to be precise, are advised to take vitamin E supplements. Because of the antioxidant properties of vitamin E, it can be used as an adjuvant in chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.


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    Callistus Nkem

    I read with too enthusiasm about your lecture on Teratozoospermia.
    Please what is the best approach to one suffering from it.

    I will very much appreciate your reply and more enlightment on the problem and cure.

    Mr. C. Nkem

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      Virginie SinapinFertility counselor

      Dear Mr. C. Nkem,

      You will find lots of information in our website about teratospermia.
      If you need to improve the quality of your semen, the best is to have a healthy way of life and eat many fruits and vegetables, avoid fat food, do some moderate exercises, etc.
      You can take supplements of oligo-elements such as L-carnitin and selenium and vitamines E.

      You will find some information in the following article:

      Depending on the degree of your teratospermia, it can be not enough and if you really want to have a baby, you will need to attend to a fertility clinic.
      The best is to ask your doctor who will probably indicates you some tests to check different parameters and then, he will determine what would be the best assisted reproduction technique for your case.

      I hope I´ve answered to your question.

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        Thomas munene

        Hey! We have been TTC for 6 years and my wife have never received. What’s the problem?

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        Excessive use of laptop or any other electronic devices (that generate heat) very close to male organs is going to affect the male reproductive system regular functions assuming that males put laptop on the lap and use it. Also lack of movement and blood flow might add it to this.

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      Start taking vitamins both you and your wife and also wear loose fit boxers, not tight underwear and also eat right again the both of you. Also avoid things like hot tubs and riding a bicycle because of the constant pounding on the male genitals while riding. And last but not least avoid hot tubs right before ovulation because I’ve read it can effect sperm. I wouldn’t worry about holding off baby dancing to every other week because it has been proven not to be necessary unless you have a low sperm count. If not, every day is fine if you’re both up to it but keep it fun and relaxing and not a chore that you have to do. Good luck trying!

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    Hello Sir,

    I recently went for Semen Analysis and Culture. The results are fairly good but I am worried about morphology. I have 11% normal against 89% abnormal forms. Could you please recommend any treatment that I can easily find in Ghana?

    The recommendations from my result is that I have an adequate volume of semen, sperm has normal count and quality but culture and sensitivity results should be repeated due to antibiotic treatment.

    As related to microbiology test (semen culture only) the result is “no significant growth”. Please explain and help me. Thanks

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    jagjit singh

    My normal sperm count is 1 % only and my impression is that I have teratozoospermia. Is there any cure able? Could it be improved through treatment?

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    Hi, I did a sperm test and the count was at 43 million and motility at 73 percent, all good. However my morphology was 3 percent. Should I be worried or does everything balance out? We have been trying to conceive for 2 years, my partner is 39 and we need to make some decisions. Also what vitamins should I take? I take vitamin C, zinc and pine tree bark plus l arginine daily. Will that help or should I not be worried at all?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Kelvin,

      each sperm parameter should be measured separately; therefore, even though sperm count and motility were within the normal values, getting pregnant naturally can turn out to be complicated due to teratozoospermia. It may be a mild case, but if after a whole year TTC you don’t achieve pregnancy, my advice is that you visit a fertility clinic in order to check what the best fertility treatment for you is.

      Best regards

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    I had my semen analysis and sperm count is 0.3m/ml. And 0% normal sperm. What are the hopes to get treated for this and ways for getting pregnant?

  6. avatar

    Did my analysis and normal form is 7% and now I am on my 15th month of TTC. Should we start panicking?

  7. avatar

    My sperm count is 25 million but morphological abnormalities is 4%. Any recommended diet or vitamins to boost the abnormal production?

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      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Dear Andy,
      Generally, sperm quality cannot be enhanced by vitamins or a specific diet. If low quality is caused by the lack of vitamins, amino acids or oxidative stress there is a chance that the incorporation of those elements increases slightly the sperm quality.

      In the following article you can read more about it: Foods to boost sperm quality .

      Best wishes.

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    Kindly tell me, what’s wrong with this report? We hv been ttc for 8 months.
    Morphology 1%

  9. avatar

    I have been married for 4 years and don’t have a baby yet. Recently my husband did a semen analysis. Found out he has teratozoospermia, with 2% normal and 98% abnormal… Pls do help us… What can we do to conceive?

    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Shamini,

      You can find different fertility treatments available for men with severe teratozoospermia here: Teratozoospermia and pregnancy. I suggest that you have a look to find the answer to your question.

      I hope I have been able to help,


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