What is teratozoospermia?

Teratozoospermia, also known as teratospermia, is a semen alteration in which there is a large number of spermatozoa with abnormal morphology.

It is a sperm condition that may lead to serious consequences, such as male infertility. The sperm parameter that is compromised is sperm morphology.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) offers guidelines to evaluate semen parameters (some examples of these parameters are concentration, motility, or morphology). The values set by WHO can be used to determine normality, so if the value of a given semen parameter is below the reference, it may suggest a sperm pathology.

With regard to teratozoospermia, the shape of the spermatozoon is assessed. Formerly, teratozoospermia was diagnosed if 14% of the sperm had a normal shape. In 2010, WHO updated its reference values, and now a man only has to meet a 5% rate of properly shaped spermatozoa to be within normality.

Therefore, in order to diagnose teratozoospermia by the current standards, a man has to show a high rate of dysfunctional spermatozoa; more than 96% of his spermatozoa have to be morphologically abnormal.

This alteration produces male infertility since unproportioned spermatozoa or with odd morphology are unable to swim in the right way; consequently, they have it harder to reach the egg. Even if they make it, they still have to penetrate the egg, so anomalies in the head may hamper this action.

Depending on the degree of affectation, it can hinder getting pregnant naturally to a greater or lesser extent.

Male-related fertility problems account for 30%-50% of the couples that are trying to conceive naturally. The assessment of a man’s fertility begins with a seminogram, followed by a MSC tests (motile sperm count). Once the diagnosis of teratozoospermia is confirmed, the couple has several alternatives to achieve pregnancy.

This webpage shall give you all the information regarding this condition: types, treatment, chances for pregnancy, related conditions, etc. You can easily find all this information by just following the menu that is located at the left side of this page.


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    Dr suhel najjar

    Antioxidants are not effective alone in the management of teratozoospermia.

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    Hello Sir, I am 35 years old and my recent semen analysis showed that:

    concentration-131 m/ml
    normal forms-2%
    sperm deformity index-2.28
    teratozoospermic index-2.32

    Please let me know if there is any concern for pregnancy and if any treatment is required.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear David,

      your sperm morphology is altered, only 2% of sperm presents normal forms. This may hinder your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

      There exist vitamin and antioxidant supplements that may improve the quality of your sperm. However, if there’s no improvement, you should consider turning to IVF or AI (artificial insemination). With 2% of normal forms, the most advisable option is IVF.


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        My husband’s morphology results were:

        % normal – 4.3%
        % head defects- 95.8%
        % mid-piece – 15.3%
        % tail defects – 10.5%

        What does this mean for us?

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          Sandra F.Fertility counselor

          Hello Elizabeth,

          Although these results indicate that your husband is close to the boundary line, by the moment his results are all fine, as his % normal is above 4%.

          I hope I have been able to help,


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    My husband’s sperm morphology was abnormal. Count was 9 million, motility 2% and our RE said that he has pin head sperms in all of the sample. We are scheduled to see a Urologist. Are there any options to treat this condition?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Saba,

      The following topic may be of interest: Pin-head sperms.

      Should you have any further questions, please raise them there.

      All the best

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        Dovie Deasis

        Hi Dr,

        Appearence: homogenous,grey-opalescent
        Liquefaction: <40
        Non progressive:20%
        Total sperm count:198 million
        Total motile sperm count: 91 million
        Vitality: 62%
        Normal: 1 krugers criteria ≥4
        Immature: few
        Round cells:1.7
        Debris: n/s
        Classification: mild asthenoteratospermia

        Please, let me know your analysis on the values. Whether I will be able to have a baby in a normal way? Thx. God bless.

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    My husband has 3% normal sperm although he is on Tamoxifen which has improved the count and motility to 65% and 20 million, but the morphology still remains 3%. The sperm is also watery. Can we achieve pregnancy naturally because our first year of trial is over and now we’re in second year of trial.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello opy,

      Achieving a natural pregnancy is more complicated with teratozoospermia, since only 3% sperm are normal shaped, with the rest being abnormal and therefore unable to fertilize an egg. Vitamin supplements and antioxidants can be helpful of course, but if even with that your husband’s semen analysis doesn’t improve, you should turn to assisted reproduction to have a child.

      Best regards

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    My husband results came back as:

    Normal – 2%
    Amorphic – 97%
    Tails – 17
    Neck -2
    No. of spermatozoa – 40

    Does this mean we will never fall pregnant traditionally? And AI is the only way? Can this be cured through meds or surgery?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Alice,

      I’m afraid with only 2% of normal spermatozoa, achieving a natural pregnancy is rather difficult. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the truth is, amorphous sperms are unable to fertilize an egg. Achieving it or not will depend fundamentally on the cause behind teratospermia. For this reason, in some cases it may improve by taking vitamin supplements; however, if not, you’ll have to turn to IUI or IVF.

      Best wishes

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        GOOD day, mine is only 1% normal forms, 99% are all abnormal. Does Vit E AND FOLIC ACID supplements are able to correct my result? Thanks a lot.

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    Jafar ansari


    I am 36 years old. My recent semen dated 03-05-2016 shows this result. Married in 2014.

    Appearance: milky white
    Transparency: translucent
    Self liquification: occurred in 20 minutes
    Viscicity: normal
    Volume: 5 ml
    Fructose: positive
    No. of spermatozoa per ml: 48 million
    Total No. of sperms per ejaculate: 240 million
    Viability : 60% spermatozoa alive at the end of 1/2 hours

    – after 1/2 hours: A 20% / B 30% / A+B 50% / non-progressive 5%
    – after 2 hours: A 10% / B 25% / 35% / 3%

    Active sperms in the ejaculate (at the end of 1/2 hour): 120 million
    Total No. of abnormal spermatozoa: 66%
    Epithelial cells: squamous type
    Macrophage cells: occasional
    Puss cell: occasional
    Candida: nil
    Red blood cell: nil
    Trichomonads: nil
    Precursors (approximate number per ml): occasional
    Spermatogonia: …%
    Spermatocycles: …%
    Spermatids: …%
    Cells in spermiogenesis: …%
    Granular debris: present +
    Crystal: …
    Agglutination of sperm: …
    Grams stain: no pathogen seen

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Jafar,

      All parameters analyzed in your semen analysis present normal values. Your semen is perfectly viable 🙂

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        Jafar ansari

        Thanks for reply. I am very frustrated after my semen analysis when it shows 66% abnormal spermatozoa.

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        Jafar Ansari

        How to decrease abnormal forms of spermatozoa. My semen shows 66% abnormal. All parameters are normal.

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        Dear Dr Sandra,

        I did the sperm analysis and the result was as follows:

        PH – Normal
        Concentration 35.7
        Total Count 149.94
        Motility in first hour 60%
        The Morphology is that
        Normal forms 28%
        Abnormal head 50%
        Abnormal Tail 20%
        and the last Bacteria is +

        Your advice pls


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    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    I did my seminal fluid analysis in a local hospital and following are its results:

    Liquefaction time: 30 min
    Color: off white
    Consistency: liquid
    Volume: 4 ml
    pH: 8.0
    Count: 25 million/ml
    Motility: 70%
    Rapid forward movement: 0%
    Normal forward movement: 10%
    Sluggish forward & circular movement: 50%
    No forward movement: 10%
    Acrosome: Normal
    Morphology: 1%
    Head abnormalities: 74%
    Neck / Mid piece defect: 15%
    Tail Defects: 10%
    Agglutination: Nil
    Immature cells: 0%
    Leukocytes: 1-2/HPF

    Based on these figures, I would like to know your feedback as per your convenience. If there’s any issue, then what measures can be taken to rectify them at the earliest?

    Your early response in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Best regards,


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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Salim,

      After analyzing your results, I can see that sperm motility is altered (only 10% of progressive sperm), which is a typical figure in cases of asthenozoospermia. Besides, with just 1% of normal forms, it is also a case of severe teratozoospermia.

      I hope I have been able to help,


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        Hi Sandra,

        These are my husband’s results:

        Volume 5.4ml
        Ph level 8.5
        Concentration 23.0 X 10^6ml
        Sperm count 122.0 X 10^6ml
        Sperm progression 57%
        Non progressive 7%
        Non-motile 36%
        Sperm motility 64%
        Normal sperm 0% (0.4- 100)

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    mariecris santos

    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    My husband’s result are as follows:

    Viscosity: viscuos
    Volume: 2.00ml
    Concentration: 28 million/ml
    Motile sperm:
    – A motility: 20.0%
    – B motility: 36.0%
    – C motility: 44.0%
    Morphology: 3.0% normal forms

    Comments: viscuos, teratozoospermic sample

    Does this mean we will never fall pregnant traditionally? And AI is the only way? Can this be cured through meds or surgery?

    Please help us analyze the result, and what can we do for it?

    Many thanks

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello mariecris,

      The following article can give you an answer to your query: Teratozoospermia and pregnancy.

      Best regards

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    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    I did my semen analysis at a local hospital and the following are its results:

    99% abnormal forms
    Amorphous and tapered heads, residual cytoplasm, bent neck and pyriform head.

    Your early response on this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Best regards,


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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Angelo,

      In cases like yours, the only treatment of choice is IVF/ICSI. Please, have a look at the following post to get details on this assisted reproductive technology (ART): Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

      Best regards

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        Dear Dr. Sandra,

        Thank you for your response, actually I am confused. I only have 1% normal sperm (Teratozoospermia) but someone is claiming that I have a child, she is 1 year old now.
        Is it possible?

        Thank you for your response in advance.

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    Dear Dr,

    My report says I have:

    1. Sperm concentration: 150 Million
    2. Rapid progression: 10%
    3. Slow progression: 55%
    4. Non-progression: 5%
    5. Immotile: 30%
    6. Vitality: 82%

    1. Normal :1%
    2. Head defect: 67
    3. Acrosome defect: 16
    4. Neck defect: 6
    5. Tail defect: 11

    Liquefaction: 30 min
    Volume: 2.2 ml

    My wife and I have been trying to conceive for one year. Is there any chance to get pregnant naturally? What is the next option?

    Best regards

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hi Renish,

      Your morphology levels are altered, therefore it is a case of teratozoospermia. The treatment of choice in your case would be ICSI.

      Best regards

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        That saves me. Thanks for being so sensible!

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    Hi. My husband’s SA came back with 2% morphology and the teratozospermic index is 1.46. I had a chemical pregnancy in December but we couldn’t get pregnant again after this. My husband also had to go on prophylactic HIV treatment for a blood spatter. Does this affect the SA and will we ever get pregnant?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hi Natania,

      If it occurred a few months ago, the prophylactic HIV treatment for a blood spatter could’ve altered the results of your semen analysis. You can take supplements now, and take another SE in a few months to see if the results continue to be altered or have returned to normal. If they continue to be altered, you are advised to turn to assisted reproductive technology (ART).

      Best wishes

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    Hi, I am very stressed right now because my doctor told me that I have high abnormal sperm count and won’t be able to make my wife pregnant naturally in reasonable time and I may have to do IVF. Everything except morphology appears fine. I still believe my results are fine but need your opinion, please:

    Semen Analysis:

    Volume: 3.5 ml
    Ph: 8.0
    viscosity: 3+ marked
    Motility: 80%
    Sperm Density: 61 million/ML
    200 Sperms Counted
    15% Normal
    85% Abnormal
    (lab references, morphology classification WHO 3rd Edition)

    Lab reference says: 25% is normal morphology

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello peter,

      According to the last classification of the WHO (fifth edition, year 2010), all your values correspond to those of a fertile man. From 4% normal sperm onwards, it is considered to be a correct result.

      Best regards

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    Hello madam,

    Below are my semen analysis report results:

    Sperm Count: 75 millions
    Total Ejaculation: 187 millions
    Live: 68%
    Days of absence: 4 days
    Rapid-progressive Type IV – 8 % (1 Hour) and 0% (4 hours)
    Slow-progressive Type III – 46 % (1 Hour) and 28% (4 Hours)
    Non-progressive Type II – 21 % ( 1 hour) and 32 % (4 Hours)
    Immotile Type I – 25% (Hour) and 40% (4 hours)

    Normal Forms: 2%
    Overall Defects: 98%
    TZI Index: 2
    Cytoplasmic: 15%

    Head Defects: 93%
    Mid Piece and neck defects: 92%
    Total Defects: 13%
    Defects in head, mid-piece and neck: 93%
    Defects in mid-piece, Neck and tail: 54%
    Defects in Head and tail: 53%

    HOS: 58%
    Acrosome intactness: 20%

    Please, let us know whether my wife can conceive with my sperms or not.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello ss1234,

      Only 2% of normal forms indicates this is a case of teratozoospermia. With teratozoospermia, the chances of conceiving naturally are low, so you may consider turning to assisted reproductive technology. In your case, ICSI is not necessary in principle as you have 2% normal forms, and ICSI is indicated when less than 1% of sperms are normal. IVF (in vitro fertilization) would be the fertility treatment of choice in your case.

      I hope I have been able to help,

      Best regards

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    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    Thank you for your response, actually I am confused. I only have 1% normal sperm (Teratozoospermia) but someone is claiming that I have a child, she is 1 year old now.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you for your response in advance.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Angelo,

      Sorry, I don’t quite understand your query. Could you please give me additional details?


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    Dr Sandra,

    Please find my report:

    Abstinence Days: 3 days
    Volume: 2 ml
    Time of collection: 8:00 AM
    Time of evaluation: 8:35 AM
    Pus cells: 2-4/hpf
    Ph: 8.0
    Live: 60%
    Dead: 40%
    Sperm Agglutination: ++
    Liquefaction: Normal
    Total Ejaculate: 76 Million
    Sperm (Mill/ml): 38 Mill/ml
    Motility Assessment (1 hour)
    Total Progressive: 35%
    Non Progressive: 11%
    Immotile: 54%
    Total Motility: 46%
    Rapid Progressive: 04% (As per CASMA)
    Slow Progressive – 31%
    Normal Forms: 02%
    Over all Defects: 98%
    Head Defects: 74%
    Tail Defects: 14%
    Mid-piece and neck defects: 3%
    Multiple Defects – 7%

    I had 3rd grade varicose veins on left before this report and my Dr done microsurgery. My Dr said after 2-3 months we can have a normal pregnancy. Can u suggest me on this?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello John,

      When did you have the microsurgery done? I need this data to provide you with an accurate report. Anyway, your semen analysis shows this is a case of teratozoospermia. My advice is that you wait for the time interval your doctor suggested (2-3 months) and then try to get a natural pregnancy. If it doesn’t occur, you may need to turn to IVF to achieve so.

      Best wishes

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        Dr Sandra,

        My surgery was done 3 weeks ago and it’s all set, and I am using vitamin tablets for 2 months and one antibiotic for 30 days. Has varicose impacted my morphology?

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          Sandra F.Fertility counselor

          Hello again John,

          Thx for your clarification. Now I understand your case! Spermatogenesis (i.e. sperm production) takes around 2-3 months, so it is still too early to see any improvements on your results. My advice, as I said on my previous comment, is that you wait at least a couple of months. In principle, both the microsurgery and the vitamins you’re taking should help you improve the results.

          I hope this helps,

          Best Wishes

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    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    My brother has a child with his ex girlfriend. Last March, 2016 he did a semen analysis and he got a result of 99% abnormal and 1 normal sperm (Teratozoospermia).

    Is it possible to have this result even if he has history of having a child from his past relationship?

    Thank you for your response in advance.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Angelo,

      How old is his child now? If a few years have gone by, teratozoospermia can appear over time. Changes in dietary habits, smoking, consuming greater amounts of alcohol, being on drugs, or certain illnesses may lead to teratozoospermia.

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        Thank you for your reply Dr. Sandra,

        His child is 1 year old now. He did semen analysis last March 2016, the result is 99% abnormal and 1% normal (teratozoospermia).

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          This is way more helpful than anything else I’ve looked at.

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    Hi Sandra,

    My Strict Morphology is 1% Normal
    Sperm concentration 92 mil/mL
    156 ml/ejaculation
    Round cells: 3.3 mil/mL
    WBC: 1.0 mil/mL

    In my teens I got my girlfriend pregnant, but that was 20 years ago. About a year ago my strict morphology was 3%. I used to smoke marijuana daily. I stopped smoking after the first test, a year ago. I thought my percentage would increase but sadly it went the other way. I do drink daily now.

    If I stop drinking and take vitamins/supplements, do you think I can improve my percentage? If so, what vitamins and supplements do you recommend?


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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hi Jes,

      As you may know, toxic habits such as smoking or drinking daily are detrimental for semen quality. So, my advice is that you do not smoke anymore, or drink alcohol. Instead, take vitamins and supplements that help you improve your semen quality.

      In addition, I can see the presence of white blood cells (WBC) in your semen sample is high (1.0 mil/mL), and therefore this is a case of leukospermia. In these cases, the most common is that there is some infection, too. Certain vitamin supplements may help you boost your sperm quality. The following article will give you more info on this: Diet to improve spermatozoa.

      I hope I have been able to help,


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    Thank you for your reply Dr. Sandra,

    His child is 1 year old now. He did semen analysis last March 2016, the result is 99% abnormal and 1% normal (teratozoospermia).

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    Hi Sandra,

    Today I did a semen analysis, and my morphology results are:

    Normal sperm=01%
    Head defect=94%
    Neck defect =80%
    Tail defect =35%
    C.D defect=02%
    Teratozoodpermia index= 2.1
    Sperm count=58millions/ml
    Total sperm count=116millions/ejc
    Fructose test=positive

    Are there any chances of getting my wife pregnant naturally? Will taking medicines improve my sperm quality? Please advice.



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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Raj,

      With only 1% normal sperms, getting your wife pregnant naturally may be complicated. With vitamins and antiox, results may improve, so give them a try. Try taking it during 2-3 months and then repeat the test to see if it worked. If not, an ICSI would become necessary.

      Best regards

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        Articles like this make life so much simpler.

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    Hello! My first SA came back as a shock. I am 32 years old. I smoke, I rarely drink, eat as healthy as I can and exercise often. 0% normal shape, 100% abnormal head, 16 abnormal neck, 8% abnormal tail. 4 days absence, 2.25 ml, and 321.75 mil/ejaculated. Total mobility 70%, progressive mobility 61%. Can I significantly improve my sperm quality somehow? Or my only option is assistance? Thank you.

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear JohnT,

      No normally shaped sperm are found, but the remaining parameters are ok. You can take vitamin supplements and improve your habits for a few months, quitting smoking above all. Then, after a reasonable period of time, repeat the SE to see if the results have improved. If not, the only chance would be assisted conception.


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    Lea Daquiado

    Hello Doc, my husband has collected his semen analysis and this is the result:

    Viscosity: n/s
    Liquefaction: 30
    Volume: 4.4
    pH: 8.5
    Density: 101.0
    Total motility: 49%
    – Progressive:42%
    – Non-progressive:7%
    Round cells: 0.9%
    Agglutination: none
    Vitality: 60%
    Debris: n/s
    Normal forms: 2%
    Immature: few
    WBC: 2.0
    Total sperm count: 444.4×10 to the 6 power
    Total motile sperm count: 217.756×10 to the 6 power

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Lea,

      What is the measurement unit of WBC 2.0 (white blood cells)? Are you talking about a percentage, millions, cells…? I cannot give you an accurate diagnosis without it. If it stands for 2.0 million/ml there may be an infection, which could be easily cured with a treatment for this type of infections while at the same time taking vitamin supplements. If after that results haven’t improved, you may go for an ICSI cycle.

      Ask your doctor for the most appropriate treatment for WBC infection.

      Best regards

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        Lea Daquiado

        Hello Dr. Sandra,

        Thx for the reply. As what I have seen in result WBC 2.0 it’s reference value (WHO) and it is equal to WBC/100 sperm cells. And when the doctor read the result she said its ok because the important thing is the total motility of the sperm. My question now: is that ok?

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    Hi doctor,

    I have one girl child, 3 years old.

    We’re trying for second child so we got my husband’s semen analysis. Can you please suggest on the results below?

    Appearance – opalescent
    Liquefaction time – 30min
    Volume – 3.0 ml
    Motility – 72%
    PR – 62%
    NP – 10%
    Morphology – 02%
    Vitality – 76%
    Immotile – 28%
    Total sperm count- 233.28m/ejac
    Total functional motile sperms – 4.66 m/ejac
    Sperm deformity index – 2.24
    Teratozoospermia index – 2.28

    Can you please suggest on the report?

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor


      2% normal sperm morphology translated into teratozoospermia. You can try taking vitamin supplements for a few months and then repeat the SE to see if the results improve. If not, you may need to undergo ICSI.

      Best regards

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    Arowolo Oluwaseun

    Hi doctor, here’s my husband result:

    Motile 35%
    Progressive 15%
    Non progressive 08%
    Sluggish 12%
    Non motile 65%
    Normal sperm cells 40%
    Abnormal sperm cells 60%
    Enlarged middle piece 25%
    Broken neck 15%
    Big head 15%
    Coiled tail 5%
    Total sperm count: 0.5 million cells

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello Arowolo,

      Taking into account your husband’s results, on the one hand he has asthenozoospermia (poor motility) and severe oligospermia (very low sperm count). He would need to turn to FIV/ICSI to conceive.

      Best regards

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    Hi Sandra,

    I went to my local hospital to have a semen analysis test, as me and my wife are trying to have a baby. Below are my results:

    Volume produced 4.9 ml (1.5)
    pH 8.1 (0-14)
    Viscosity: Normal
    Concentration 175mill/ml (15mill/ml)
    Total sperm/ejaculate 857.5 mill(39)
    Liquefacation: complete
    Agglutination: No
    Appearance: Normal

    Non-progressive: 4%
    Total No.of progressively motile sperm/ejaculate: 454.475mill(32mill)
    TotalNo. Motile/ml:92.75ml(15mill/ml)
    Morphology:2%Normal(>4% Normal)
    Round cells: Yes 2mill/ml

    Interpretation of test results said Teratozoospermia, but below in the comments section said: “of doubtful clinical significance”.

    Can you please tell me what these test results mean as I am 44 yrs old, my wife is 36 yrs old, and we would love to have a baby. Earliest reply much appreciated,


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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Muhammad,

      Given that you have only 2% of normal sperm, this is a case of teratozoospermia, yes. My advice is that you take vitamin supplements for 2-3 months and then take another semen analysis to check if it has improved with the supplements. If not, you should turn to IVF to have a baby. Please, take a look at the following post, as it may be of interest: Foods to boost sperm quality.

      I hope this helps,


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    Hi Doctor, my age is 32 and I am waiting for a child from last 4 yrs. Doctor diagnosed me with teratozoospermia. Also, I don’t have any habits, regular diet, 5.4 height, 70 weight, now medicated with LIMCEE and SUPRADYN.

    Kindly suggest me on this, how to go forward?

    Please, find the below report of sperm DNA report values:

    Concentration: 143.80 M/ml
    Sperm Number: 287.60 M/sample
    Progressive (PR): 51.04 %
    Motile: 69.50 %
    Morphology: 2.00 %
    Head Area: Avg: 8.11, immotile: 7.35, Slow; 9.22, Medium: 8.45, rapid: 7.83
    Round Cells: 34 m/ml
    Curve Speed: Avg 36.91
    Linier Speed: Avg 20.01
    Amplitude Lateral Head: Avg 2.54
    Beat Frequency: Avg 4.32

    Morphologic Values:

    Normal Size: Total 34
    Micro: Total 66
    Normal Shape: Total 87

    Teratozoospermia Index: 1.55
    Deformity Index: 2.07

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      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Hello RaghuD,

      According to your SE results, this is a case of teratospermia (2% normal sperm). Also your percentage of round cells is quite high (34 m/ml). Since you’re already taking vitamin supplements, continue to do so for at least 3 months and then take another SE to see if the results have improved.

      Best regards

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        Raghu D

        Hi Doctor,

        First of all thanks for your time and reply. I have done the test on 04/06/2016.

        Volume : 2ml
        Viscocity : 0
        Liquification Time : 30 min
        Ph :7.5 alkaline
        Sperm Count ( mill / ml ) 92
        total Sperm Ejaculation ( mil ) : 184
        Motility : 66 %
        Activity % 14 (Rapid ) 17 ( Moderate ) 22 (slow) 13 ( Sluggish )
        PUS Cells : 1-2 /hpf
        Epithelical Cells ( NILL )
        RBC’s Cells (NILL )

        Morphology : Normal (4%) Abnormal (96%)

        Head Mid Piece tail

        Amorphous :10 Cytoplasmic droplet : 7 Coiled Tail : 6
        Elongated : 8 Short Tail :13
        Pyriform : 8 Hair Pin Tail : 11
        Macrocephalic :6 Double Tail : 4
        Microcephalic : 8
        Broken neck : 10
        Double Head : 5

        Please look into the report and let me know. I can see there is an improvement from 2-4, hence can I wait for some more time to get a natural pregnancy or do I have to go for ICSI/PICSI methods? Kindly suggest me from this front. Also I didn’t get your point regarding the percentage of round cells is quite high (34 m/ml) in previous report. Is this good or bad? Yes, I am using the tablets from last 50 days and am continuing the same.

        Thanks for your great help here,

        Raghu D

  26. avatar

    Hi doctor,

    my sperm count is 90 million/ml
    Motility 35%
    Normal 30%
    Round head 30%

    Am I capable of making my wife pregnant? My age is 33 years old.

    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Papu,

      I am afraid you’ve given me very little information for me to give you an accurate diagnosis – for example, what is your motility index? This is material information for me. However, your sperm concentration and sperm morphology are normal.

      I hope this helps,


  27. avatar

    Below is my result , please advise shall I go for the IVF or we can wait for the natural birth

    PH – 7.6
    volume – 2.0
    progressive Motiliy – 43

    Viability – 79
    sperm concentration – 19.0
    round cells – 0.6
    white blood cells – 0

    Normal – 1L
    Head – piece defects – 62
    mid – piece defects – 23H
    tail piece defects – 14
    normal motile sper count – 0.082L


    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Alex,

      Which unity of measurement is “L”? For example, “Normal – 1L”? Do you mean %? I’ve never seen that before. If it is a %, then you’ve got sever teratozoospermia, and you may need IVF/ICSI to have a baby.


  28. avatar

    Dear Dr.,

    Please, find my numbers below from a recent semen analysis report:

    Volume: 2.4 ml
    Liquefaction: 20 minutes
    Viscosity: Normal
    Appearance: Grey-opaque
    Ph: Alkaline

    Sperm Concentration: 42 mil/ml
    Total count: 100.8 millions
    Total Motility: 58%
    a. Progressive 52% / Active 00% / Sluggish 52%
    b. Non progressive 06%
    c. Non motile 42%

    Normal: 03%
    Abnormal: 97%
    Head defects: 48%
    Neck and mid-piece defects: 32%
    Tail defects: 17%

    Please, let me know your analysis on the values. Whether I will be able to have a baby in a normal way?

    Best Regards

    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear fblr,

      Given that you’ve got only 3% normal sperm, this is a case of teratozoospermia. But the remaining parameters are fine. As this is not a case of severe teratozoospermia, you can take vitamin supplements to see if your results improve with them. If not, you could give an AIH (artificial insemination by husband) a try. Check this out for further info: Artificial insemination by husband (AIH).

      I hope I have been able to help,


  29. avatar

    Thanks Sandra, keep in prayer we will try for IVF.


  30. avatar

    Abstinance (Days) -7 Days
    Interval between ejaculation and start of analysis (min)-15 min
    Volume (ml)-6ml
    Liquefaction (min)-20 min
    Count/ml – 20 million/ml
    Count in ejaculate – 120 million/ejaculate
    RLP – 05%
    Progressive 55%
    Immotile – 40%
    Morphology (%)
    Normal – 2%
    Head Defect -25%
    Neck Defect- 25%
    Tail Defect – 25%
    Cytoplasmic Droplet -15%
    Vitality – 75%

    Please, let me know your analysis on the values. Whether I will be able to have a baby in a normal way?


  31. avatar

    Hi Doctor – Went to doctor and I’m very stressed about morphology… Searching on Internet does not seem to give an acceptable range for abnormal headcount. Doctor referred me to a urologist. He said all looks good except head count. But he said he do not want to speculate and let urologist look into it:

    Volume ml: 3.5
    Sperm Concentration (M/ml): 70.0
    Total Sperm Count (M): 245.0

    Motility within 1 hour
    Rapid Progressive %: 50 (ref 25%) or
    Slow Progressive %: 2
    Non Progressive %: 2
    Immotile%: 46
    Vitality%: 86

    Morphology (WHO Classification)
    Kruger NormalForms % (>= 5%: Nomal)
    Abnormal Heads %: 95
    AbnormalMidpiece %: 27
    AbnormalTails %: 25
    Cytoplasmic Droplets %: 0

    Thanks in advance!

  32. avatar

    Hi Sandra, what will be your recommendation on this, please?

    TEST RESULT: Teratozoospermic sample

    Volume: 3 (ml)
    Count: >200 (X106/ml)
    Total Count: 600 (X106)
    Total Motility: 79 (%)
    Progressive Motility: 67 (%)
    Morphology: 97 (% abnormal)
    Immunological: (% MAR positive)
    pH: 7.8 (7.2-8.0) Debris: Nil Agglutination: Nil
    I’m 40 years old , thank you for your help!

  33. avatar

    Dear Dr, please find my numbers below from a recent semen analysis report.
    volume = 1.8ml
    pll = 8.0
    ejaculation = 30 min
    motility(%) (A)rapid progression=50% (B)slow progression=22% (C)Non progression =2% Immotile =26% vitality(%alive)=72% concentration(ml)=74.4ml sperm count =133.9ml morphology(%) (A)normal=12%

  34. avatar
    Joe nakavukevu

    Hi, can you please advise me? Have had two tests done:

    Semen volume 0.9
    Sperm concentration 20.9
    %progressive motile 43
    Progression %
    Grade A 37
    Grade B 7
    Grade C 8
    Vitality n/a
    %normal forms 1.0
    Teratozoospermia index 1.6
    Seminal round cells <5
    Mar test negative
    PH n/a

  35. avatar

    Dear Doctor,

    Please advice on this result,

    Abstinence 3 3 – 5 days
    Time after collection < 1 0 – 2 hours

    Appearance WHITE GREY
    Viscosity 0.5 0.0 – 5.0 cm
    Volume 5.2 ml
    Sperm count 46.4 mill./ml
    Motility 60 %
    Mean frwd. progression 3 (NORMAL)
    Leucocytes 13 %
    Amorphous 86 %
    Megalo 2 %
    Small 1 %
    Tapered 6 H 0 – 4 %
    PH – 8.0

    Microscopy shows significant TERATOZOOSPERMIA (<10% normal sperm heads).

    Less than 6% of normal sperm heads may have a poor fertility prognosis.

  36. avatar
    Akter hossain

    Dear madam,

    I’ve just been given my semen test and result is: sperm count 125 million. My sperm is ok, 2 percent, and I have teratozoospermia. So kindly advise me we can get baby with normal processor or we have to with other plans. And my age is 28.

  37. avatar


    My sperm count = 41
    Semen Vol = 2.5
    total sperm count = 102.5
    count normal sperm = 0.21
    My normal morphology = 1

    Motility is 35/30 minutes, per 2 hours, is 30, and in 8 hours is 25. So I just wanna know what are my chances of getting her pregnant.

  38. avatar

    Hi, the following are the result of my semen analysis:

    Sperm Concentration: 78 million/mL
    Motility: 65%
    Semen Volume: 0.58 mL
    Morphology: 3% normal sperm forms.

    My question is, I have started taking antioxidant vitamins: Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Omega 3, Zinc, Coenzyme Q 10. Also I have started eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidant property like: Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Broccoli, etc.

    My question is, based on your experience, how long (duration) does it take for a person to improve sperm quality like morphology. Have you seen any case in which a person’s sperm quality has improved?

  39. avatar
    Bhaskar Hazarika

    I am 41 years old.

    My semen analysis report is as follows:

    General Information:
    Abstinence: 2 days

    Physical Examination:
    Appearanve: Grey – Opalescent
    Self Liquefication Time: 15 min
    Volume: 2 ml
    Viscosity: Normal
    PH: 6.8

    Microscopic Examination:
    Sperm Count: 76 million/ml
    Total Count: 152 million/ml

    Motile Spermatozoa:
    Grading of Motility
    a) Rapid Progressive: 12%
    b) Slow Progressive: 42%
    c) Non progressive: 26%
    d) Immotile: 20 %

    Sperm Morphology:
    a) Normal sperm: 03%
    b) Head Defect: 38%
    c) Neck Defect: 31%
    d) Tail Defect: 27%

    Round cells (Including pis cell): 1.0 million/ml

    Vitality: 44%


    Now, Doctor, please let me know whether I will be able to have a baby in a normal way.


  40. avatar

    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    Could you please comment on my husband’s semen analysis? Diagnosis is astheno-teratozoospermia. My husband has never smoked and doesn’t drink alcohol. What are our chances to conceive naturally? Also, we wonder if it’s possible to improve semen morphology or is it something that cannot be improved? And in this diagnosis of asthenoteratozoospermia, which diagnosis might cause the most problems in trying to concieve – astheno or teratozoo?

    Volume: 6.2 ml
    Liquefaction: 36 minutes
    Viscosity: 2cm
    Appearance: Grey-yellowish
    Ph: 8.4

    Sperm Concentration: 30 mil/ml
    Total count: 186 millions
    Total Motility:
    A: 7%
    B: 20%
    A+B: 27%
    C: 23%
    A+B+C: 50%
    D: 50%

    Normal: 4%
    Abnormal: 96%
    Head defects: 52%
    Neck and mid-piece defects: 28%
    Tail defects: 16%

    Thank you very much for your reply in advance,


  41. avatar


    My husband’s semen analysis revealed the results below, can we still conceive naturally if he takes Prelox?

    normal 1%
    amorphic 83%
    megalo 2%
    elongated 14%

  42. avatar

    Hi doctor, just a bit concerned about my bf condition and I just need your help badly… I don’t know if I can still have a child in a natural way or need an IVF… Here’s his semen analysis report:

    Abstinence 6
    Appearance white, opaque
    viscosity moderate
    liquefaction moderate
    pH 7.4 >=7.2
    volume 6.0 > =1.5ml
    sperm count 108 > = 15M/ml
    Motility % Progressive 95.0 32%
    motility% non progressive 2%
    motility % immotile 3%
    WBC 2-5
    Agglutination not present

  43. avatar

    Color: opaque
    Liquefaction: complete
    Viscosity: normal
    Ph: 8.0
    Volume (ml): 1.2
    Concentration: 45.5
    Progressive motility: 52.0
    Non progressive. Motility: 5.0
    Round cells: 1.0
    Morphology: 1.000

    The above is my sperm analysis and it’s been commented that I have hypospermia and teratozoospermia.

    What are our chances?

  44. avatar

    Below are the results of my two SA taken 15 days apart, both with 5 days abstinence. A little about me: I am 33 yrs old, my testosterone count also came back low and I’ve bilateral epididymis cysts. I’m a veteran of the Iraq war and a firefighter. I am curious if my military service is a contributing factor as I know other vets with fertility issues. I appreciate your help.
    The results in parentheses are the second test “-” indicates no change.

    Element Name Result Reference
    Sperm Concentration 14 million/ml (16million/ml)
    Total Sperm Count 56 million (64 million)
    Sperm Motility 21 % (50%)
    Total # of Motile Sperm 11.76 million (32 million)
    Rate of Progression 2 (3)
    Volume 4 ml –
    Semen Color Clear –
    Viscosity none –
    Liquefaction Complete –
    Round Cells 0 million/ml –

    % Normal Forms 2 % (2%)
    % Head Defects 96 % (98%)
    % Tail Defects 2 % (8%)

  45. avatar

    Can home artificial insemination work for mild teratozoospermia of about 3% normal form?

  46. avatar

    Can home artificial insemination work for 3% normal form teratozoospermia?

  47. avatar

    My husband has 98% abnormal sperm and 2% normal sperm. Could I get pregnant in a normal way?

  48. avatar

    Dear Doctor,

    Please, find my numbers below from a recent semen analysis report:

    Volume: 3.1ml
    PH: 7.8
    No of WBC/100 Sperm Cells: <5
    Appearance: Normal
    Viscosity: Increased Viscosity
    Liquefaction (within 60 mins): Incomplete
    Density (x10^6/ml): 27
    Sperm motility: 61%
    Progression: Good (2+3)
    Agglutination: No
    Viability%: 64%
    Round Cells (x10^6ml): <1
    Debris: Little

    Morphology of active sperm (3%)
    Normal: 3
    Head-Piece Defects: 82
    Mid-Piece Defects: 13
    Tail Defects: 2
    Immature Cells: –

    Classification: Teratozoospermia

    Is there any way of treatment or help on this? Greatly appreciated.

  49. avatar

    Hello Sandra,

    My report says:

    Motility assessment: 57% total motility

    1. Normal :3%
    2. Head defect: 66
    3. Acrosome defect: 14
    4. Neck defect: 11
    5. Tail defect: 6

    Liquefaction: 25 min
    Volume: 3 ml
    Total count: 87 milion
    Concentration: 29 milion /ml

    Can you please advise what is my status?

  50. avatar

    vol: 4ml
    visionty: visions
    Appearance: greyish yellow
    microscope: –
    Pus cell: 3-4 , RBC :- 1-2 , EL:- 1-2/ PPP
    Motility: full active 20% , slight active :- 30% , dead :- 50%
    Morphology: curve neck – 10%
    Sperm count: 11millon/ml
    Culture no growth alter 24 hrs

    Is my result ok?

  51. avatar


    I went for a seminogram and the results were as follows:

    Appearance: white grey
    Viscosity: 5 cm
    Volume: 3.8 ml
    Sperm count: 230.0 mill./ml
    Motility: 80%
    NB. Greater than 25% (>25%) of the spermatozoa are clumped;
    Motility was based on free spermatozoa only.

    Norm forms: 5 L and 13%
    Amorphous: 86%
    Megalo: 2%
    Small: 5%
    Tapere: 2%
    Precursors: 1/hpf

    Spermiogram comments:
    Viscosity of >3cm indicates a possible INFECTION of the genital tract, prostate or seminal vesicles. This can influence fertility.

    I’m 45yrs. Kindly advice if am fertile and if not what medication I should take.

  52. avatar

    Hello – I am very worried about the results of my husband’s test. The results are as follows:

    Volume :1.6ml
    Color: White/Greyish
    Viscosity : Normal
    Liquefaction: <30 minutes
    Agglutination: Absent
    PH: 8.0
    Round Cells: 1.5 x 10 ml
    Comments: Leukocyte Screen negative

    Sperm Motility Data:
    Number of sperm analyzed: 70
    Concentration :7 x10/ml
    Percent Motile: 60%
    Motile Sperm : 6.5 x 10
    Progression ( % progressive ) 1
    Comments:" Entire maklar counted x3

    Morphology Data
    No. of Sperm analyzed: 100
    Normal 0%
    Slightly Abnormal: 1%
    Abnormal 99%
    Comments: 30% of round cells are PMSs

    I assume this is bad? What are our options? What can we do?

  53. avatar

    Hi Dr Sandra,

    My gf is pregnant but I’m not too sure that the baby is mine (I found out that she was also seeing her ex), so i went to check my sperm.
    These are the results:

    Liquefaction time: 30 min
    Volume: 3.6 ml
    pH: 7.9
    Count: 91.55 million/ml
    Progressive (PR): 60%
    Non Progressive (NP): 13%
    Immotile (IM): 27%
    Morphology Normal: 3%
    Morphology abnormal: 97%
    Agglutination: Nil
    Immature cells: 0%
    Leukocytes: 0.2 million/mL

    What are my chances of getting her pregnant? Thank you so much

  54. avatar

    Hi Doctor – Went to doctor and, please, let me know your analysis on the values. Whether I will be able to have a baby in a normal way?

    Very stressed about morphology… Searching on Internet does not seem to give an acceptable range for abnormal headcount. Doctor referred me to a urologist. He said all looks good except head count. But he said he do not want to speculate and let urologist look into it:

    sperm concentration : 42×10^6ml
    ejaculate total count : 88 x 10^6
    motile percentage : 40%
    progressive percentage : 20%
    progressive concentration : 8.4 x 10^6/ml
    normal morphology form 02%
    abnormal morphology forms: 98%
    head defects : 96%
    neck and mid piece defects : 02%
    tail defects : 00%
    cytoplasmic droplets : 00%

    Comment: moderate asthenozoospermia with severe teratozoospermia

    What’s the meaning of this?

  55. avatar

    Dear Sandra,

    I am 36 years old.

    pH: 7.6
    Volume: 3.5ml (was 6ml 4 years ago)
    Appearance: Normal
    Viscosity: Normal
    Progressive Motility: 44% (was 57% 4 years ago)
    Agglutination: Nil
    Viability: 85%
    Concentration 110 x 10^6/ml
    Round Cells: 0.4 x 10^6/ml
    White Blood Cells: 0

    Strict Morphology
    Normal: 1% (was 9% 4 years ago)
    Head-piece defects: 74%
    Mid-piece defects: 18%
    Tail-piece defects: 7%

    Normal Motile Sperm Count: 0.484 x 10^6/ml


    1. With all parameters being quite excellent, does that compensate for the 1% normal morphology?

    2. With normal morphology at 9% 4 years ago, what vitamins, supplements, anti-oxidants should I take to increase chances of morphology?

    3. My wife has had 2 miscarriages 4 years and 3 years ago. These were where she was pregnant, but the sac never formed. What are the likelihood that it is caused by my low normal morphology (at that time about 9%).

    4. We have always been on contraceptives. We have finally decided to have a baby. With my low morphology, how long should we try before we decide on the IVF option?

    Thank you very much.

  56. avatar

    Appearance: Normal
    Liquefaction: Complete
    Consistency: Normal
    Volume 3.0 ml
    PH: 8.0

    Micoscopic Examination
    Count (mill/ml): 40 mill/ml
    Total sperm count: 120 mill/ejaculate

    Progressive (PH)%: 24%
    Non Progressive (NP)%: 05%
    Immotile (IM)%: 71%

    Viability (%live): 37%

    Normal Forms%: 02%
    Abnormal Forms %: 98%

    Other Parameters
    Pus Cells / HPF: NIL
    Epitherlial Cells/ HPF: NIL
    Agglutination: NIL
    Derris: Nil

    Can you please suggest whether I have to go for IVF or if there’s some kind of treatment to improve? Kindly please reply back.

  57. avatar

    Hi, Dr.Sandra I have a semen analysis done in 2013 and I want to know whether I could ever get my woman pregnant. I am 30 years old. Here are my results:
    Volume 2 ≥2 mL Viscosity Normal Normal or slightly viscous Agglutination None None or small clumps Concentration 35 ≥20 x 106 / mL Total Sperm Count 70 ≥40 x 106 Percent Motility 68 >50% Progressive Motility 2 0-none; 1 – slow; 2 – mod; 3- good; 4 – rapid Total Motile Count (x 106) 47 ≥ 20 x 106 Round Cells < 1 < 5 x 106 /mL Kruger Morphology 7 ≥14%

    Can you tell me if I will ever be able to get her pregnant? Your response would be very appreciated.

  58. avatar

    Hello Dr. Sandra,

    My husband and I went to see the Doctor today regarding his sperm analysis, and my husband’s head defect count was very high. Based on the numbers below, is our only option to conceive IVF with ICSI?

    Motility at hours: 7 Minutes
    Activity score: 3
    Forward Progression: 3
    Concentration: 142, 000, 000
    Total Count: 284, 000, 000

    Ideal : 2%
    Head defects: 98%
    Neck Defects: 25%
    Tail Defects: 6%
    Cytoplasmic Droplets: 0%

    TZI 1.31

  59. avatar

    Hi Dr,
    Just received the results from the SA test:

    Liquefaction: 1 HR
    Color: opaque
    Viscosity: 1 normal distinct drops
    PH: 8.0
    Volume: 4.5 ml
    Concentration: 40.5 ml
    Total count: 182.25 million
    Cryptozoospermia: n/a
    Progressive motility: 49%
    Rapid: 44%
    Slow: 5%
    Non progressive: 15%
    Immotile: 36%
    WBC: 0
    Normal form: 4%
    Abnormal head: 87%
    Abnormal mid piece: 7%
    Abnormal tail: 2%

    Based on these figures, is it possible to conceive naturally? SA test was done at a fertility clinic. Reproductive Dr. is saying IVF is the only way. Can you please advise?

    Thank you for your time and expertise.

  60. avatar

    Hi Sandra,

    Today I did a semen analysis, and my morphology results are:

    Volume: 2.8ml
    Liquefaction time: 20 min
    Color: grey-opalascent
    Viscosity: normal
    Sperm count: 52 millions/ml
    Total sperm number(TSN): 146 millions
    Sperm motility
    Total – 58℅
    Non progressive-7 ℅
    Non motile- 42℅

    Sperm viability: 63℅
    Sperm morphology:
    Normal -2℅
    Head defect- 91℅
    Neck and midpiece defect- 5℅
    Tail defect- 2℅
    Pus cells- <1millions/ml
    Debris: +
    Others: –

    Doctor advice is to take medicine Cap coQnol for 3 month, Tab veli 500 for 10 days.

  61. avatar

    Hi doctor. Pls here is my husband’s test result. Pls I need an explanation on it.

    Vol 3.7ml
    Ph – 7.7
    Viscosity- viscous
    Sperm concentration – 16×10^6/ml
    Motility- 60%
    Poor- 25%
    Moderate – 75%
    Total sperm density- 59.2 ×10^6/ml
    Total motile sperm-35.5×10^6/ml
    Normal forms- 10%
    Round cells-0.1 ×10^6/ml
    Micro organisms- nil

  62. avatar

    Hello Sandra,
    I am mahendra, I’m 33 years old and we have been trying for a baby for the last 4 years. And I just had my semen analysis done 15 days ago and doctor diagnosed me with teratospermia.

    Please, find below my report for sperm count:

    0.immovable sper 40%
    I.motile with no progssive forward 20%
    II.slow forward progessive movement 20%
    III.modrate forward progressive movement-10%
    IV-Rapid forward progessive movement – 10%

    Total count per ML- 32 million
    Per ejaculate- 160 million

    Morphology of sperm
    Normal- 20%
    Live 40%

    Gaint head-20%
    Pin head- 20%
    Round oval -10%
    Curly tail- 10%

    Fructose – 220
    PH- 7.8

    Please let me know if any treatment is required or if we have chances for a natural pregnancy, because we have undergone 3 IUI cycle till date.


  63. avatar

    Dear Dr.,

    Please, find my numbers below from a recent semen analysis report:

    Volume: 3.8ml
    Liquefaction: complete
    Viscosity: Normal
    Appearance: Normal
    Ph: 7.50

    Sperm Concentration: 190 mil/ml
    Total count: 723 m/sample
    Total Motility: 82%
    a. Progressive 54% (rapid progressive 22.95%, medium progressive 31.4%
    b. Non progressive 27.66%
    c. Non motile 17%

    Normal: 9%
    Abnormal: 91%
    Head defects: 81%
    Neck and mid-piece defects: 16%
    Tail defects: 1%

    Please, let me know your analysis on the values. Whether I will be able to have a baby in a normal way?

  64. avatar


    This is my hubby’s semen analysis. Plzz help us know whether I can conceive normally… His age is 31 and mine is 28.

    Volume-2.5 /ml
    Total count-175 million
    Rapid liner_30
    Non progressive-03
    Morphology(normal form)-8%

    TZI -1.66

    (Head defct-84%,neck defect-26%,tail defect-60%)

    Plz, mam guide us…

  65. avatar

    Hello Dr,

    Here is my husband’s result:

    Volume 3ml
    Lequefacton 1/hr
    PH 8
    Count 38 million
    Motility 30%
    Forward motility +2
    Morphology 50%
    Wbc 14 / hpf

    What does this mean?

    Thank you for your help.

  66. avatar

    Dear Sandra,

    We hope you can help. Here is my husband’s semen analysis report done on 22nd of August 2016.

    Volume 0.8
    Liquefaction complete YES
    viscosity NORMAL
    Agglutination NONE SEEN
    Concentration 8.6
    Motility 28
    Progression 2-3
    Normal forms 3%
    Head-peace defects 88%
    Mid-piece defects 9%
    Tail defects 0
    Immature forms –
    Leucocytes 0.1

    Suitable for ICSI treatment only.

    Our GP didn’t tell us that it’s important to abstain from intercourse/ejaculation 3 to 5 days before semen analysis. So the day of appointment we had intercourse (just couple of hours prior the SE).

    I guess my question is, can this affect the results, but most important the percentage of normal forms?? Could better results be achieved if waited, or not really…?

    We have been trying for 6 months now. I have had an ectopic pregnancy (right side tube removed) in 2002. But I was able to get pregnant in 2003. My daughter is almost 12 years old now. My husband has kids too. But they’re all adults now: 30, 26 and 23 years old.

    We both quitted smoking 4 weeks ago. We enjoy wine glass or two every second night. But eat healthy. I am 38 years old and my husband is 47.

    Thanks for your time!

  67. avatar

    Can you please provide feedback on my report? I am a bit worried.

    Total volume: 4.2
    Ph: 8.1
    Liquefaction: yes
    Sperm count: 14
    Total Motility :42%
    Morphology 2
    MAR test :neg

    IgG % HEAD :50

    Round cell count/HPF :2
    Significant organisms: no

    Also, there are x beside OLIGO, ASTHENO and TERATO.

    Thank you

  68. avatar
    victor michael

    Dear Dr. Sandra,

    Hope you can help me understand my semen analysis:

    Appearance……… Normal
    Total motility……..67%
    Total sperm count..1,247M
    Other remarks: teratozoospermia

    Thank you Doctor and God Bless You.

  69. avatar


    My partner just found out he’s got teratospermia with 4% normal. His Dr’s not been much help.
    I’ve just found out my progesterone level is 21 and also Dr’s not been much help but aware it’s not best levels and should be around 30, so Dr said.
    What chances of getting pregnant naturally do we have or where should I go from here?

  70. avatar
    dennis seng


    I just had a sperm analysis and culture test and the result was 2% normal forms and the culture test indicated I have enterococcus species. My urologist told me that the sperm infection has caused teratozoospermia. Curam 626 mg for a week has been prescribed. May I ask whether is there any medication useful for my condition? My culture test has shown I’m resistant to Gentamicin and Linezolid.

  71. avatar

    Me and my partner have been trying for over a year. I recently got my results back which were really good I believe, is there anything else I can do to help?

    Volume 1.9
    pH 8.5
    Viscosity: normal
    Agglutination: none
    Concentration: 37.70
    fp+sp: 33
    Fast progressive: 17
    Slow progressive: 16
    Non-progressive: 4
    Immotile: 63
    Total number of progressively motile sperm: 23.6
    Live cells: n/a
    Normal forms by who 2010 criteria: 1.0

  72. avatar

    A brother of mine has 2% morphologically normal, 68% had head defects (globozoospermia), 80% small head and small acrosomal region, 7% tail defects, fertility index 43.4%, vitality 50%, mortality 52%. Is there any cause for worry?

  73. avatar


    Been trying to have baby with wife for 1year, to no avial.
    Just did a semen analysis with the following results

    volume: 2.4ml
    sperm concetration: 22million/ml

    Immotile: 52%
    Non-Progressive: 11%
    Progressive 37%
    Total motility: 48%
    Progressive motility: 37%
    Total Progressive Sperm count: 19.5million

    Agglutination <5%
    Vitality: 67%
    Round cells: <1.0million/ml

    Normal Form: 2%
    Abnormal Form: 98%
    Head defect: 98%

    Teratozoospermic Index: 1.26
    Total normal progressive sperm count: 0.39 million

    Would like to know your opinion on this results? Whether it is advisable to start IVF or should try alternative med for another 1~2 year.

    I am 41 year old, my wife is 31 years old.

  74. avatar

    My husband semen analysis report is as shown below:

    Color : whitish
    Volume : 2.0
    Liquefaction :30 min
    Fructose test : positive
    Ph : Alkaline
    Sperm concentration : 35
    Total Sperm count : 70
    Morphology : 02
    Vitality : 40
    Total Motility (pr+np):35
    Progressive motility : 20
    Pus cells : 4-6
    Rbc :0-2
    Epithelial cells : occasional
    Agglutinates :nil
    Aggregates : nil

    Comments: teratoasthenozoospermia

    Please comments in this report. In which ways can I get pregnant?

  75. avatar

    HI Doctor,

    Semen Parameters:

    Liquefaction time: 30

  76. avatar
    Cherry pie


    Could u interpet this for me in terms of chances of pregnancy :

    Appearance/transparency : yellowish (reference value [rv] gray, opalescent
    Liquefaction : <30 ; rv 7.2

    Density: 149.0; rv >_ 15 x 10 °6 per ml
    Motility (PR +NP) -71% ; rv >_ 40%
    Progressive (PR : 56%; >_ 32%)
    Non progressive (Np 15%
    Round cells: 15%
    Agglutinatìon: none
    Vitality71% ; >_ 60%

    Normal forms 3% ; rv: >_ 4%
    Immature few, : rv few
    Wbc 3.0; <_ 5 wbc / 100 sperm cells

    Total sperm count 655.6 x 10°6
    Total motile sperm count 465.48 x 10°6


  77. avatar

    Hi Dr. If sperm mobility is 30% and comment section states sever asthenoteratoleukocytospermia. What does it mean?

  78. avatar

    Hi Dr.

    I need help to understand my husband sperm results.

    Normal forms 2%
    TZI (teratozoospermic index) 1,32
    Head defects 97%
    Neck defects 19%
    Middle piece defect 13%
    Cytoplasmic droplets 0%
    Volume ml 2,0
    Concentration 10 per ml 86
    Total number 10 per ejaculate 172
    PH 8
    Non sperm cells 3,2
    Reactive oxygen species (ROS) production mv 1008
    MAR igG% 0

    What does it mean?

    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear carol,

      Everything is ok except for morphology. There are two many sperms with abnormal forms, which translate into fewer chances for a natural pregnancy. However, further fertility tests should be examined as well in order to decide whether IUI or IVF is the best option. Normally, in these cases, IVF is the most advisable, but if you are young and have a good ovarian reserve, IUI could be successful.

      Best wishes

  79. avatar

    Hi Dr,

    This my SA result… Can u help me understand?

    Sperm count-124
    Liquified-within 60min

  80. avatar

    Hi Dr.

    Could you interpret this for me in terms of chances of pregnancy for my husband’s case?

    Appearance: Normal
    Viscosity: increased viscosity
    Liquefaction (with 60 mins) : imcomplete
    Density (*10^6/ml) : 85
    sperm motility: 46
    agglutination: no
    viability %: 59
    round cells (*10^6/ml): <1
    no of WBC/100 sperm cells :<5 (normal ranages -<5 WBC / 100 sperm cells)
    Debris: little

    Morphology of active sperm:
    1. normal: 2
    2. head-piece defects: 74
    3. Mid-piece defects: 18
    4. Tail defects: 6
    5. Immature cells: 0

    What does this mean?

    Looking forward to your reply and advice the as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  81. avatar

    Hi Dr,
    I am a 37 yr old. Here is my semen report:

    Volume. 1.5ml
    Appearance. Opal accent
    Viscosity. ++
    Agglutination. Present
    Pus cells. 20-22/hpf
    Reaction acidic
    Fructose. Present
    Sperm count 116 million /ml
    Motility at 1hr. 40%
    Normal form 60%
    Live forms80%

    Plz opine

  82. avatar

    Liquifaction time 30 mint
    Color off white
    Vol 1.7 ml
    Ph 8
    Count 50 million
    Motality 70 %
    Grade 1 0%
    Grade 2 20%
    Grade 3 45%
    Grade 4 5%

    Small head 20%
    Pyriform 02%
    Round head 14%
    Neck mid piece defect 18%
    Tail defect 5%

  83. avatar


    Just got my result… all fine from DNA perspective and other tests, however diagnosed with teratozoospermia with rating at 0.8.
    I’m 42 and already have a 2 year old child. We are trying since almost a year and do not want to wait another 6 months, what are the best options?

    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility counselor

      Dear Jeff,

      A year is considered to be the normal time period for a couple to achieve a natural pregnancy. However, if you do not want to wait for 6 months, my advice is that you visit a fertility specialist so that he/she can refer you to the most appropriate fertility treatment according to the results obtained via a fertility evaluation.

      If everything is fine, and the only problem is teratozoospermia, you might be good candidates for all techniques, so you’ll get started with IUI and, if it fails, referred to IVF.

      I hope this helps,


  84. avatar
    Devika Ramphul Churitter

    My husband’s analysis report
    Vol: 2 ml
    Count: 102 million/ml
    Motility: 65%
    Rapid Progression: 15%
    Definite Progression: 50%
    Non Progression: 15%
    Immotile: 20%
    Round Cell < 1 million/ml
    Agglutination: Absent
    Viscosity: Normal
    Abnormal Forms: 45%

    His age is 57 and mine 47. No child yet. Is it possible for us to conceive naturally?

  85. avatar

    Morphological abnormals:
    head defects : 36 %
    Mid-piece defects:07%
    Tail defects: 21%
    Head, mid-piece and neck: 08%
    Multiple defects: 06%

    % of overall defects:78%
    TZI index: 1.24

    Plz, suggest whether I am able to have children or not?

  86. avatar

    Hi Doctor,

    The following is my sperm analysis. Pls suggest:

    Volume: 2.5ml
    Viscosity: Thin
    Liquefaction Time: Normal
    Fructose Test: Positive
    Agglutination: Nil
    Sperm Concentration: 40 million/ml

    MOTILITY. Total: 80%

    • RPM: 00%
    • SPM: 45%
    • NPM: 35%
    • Non-Motile: 20%


    Normal Forms: 03%
    Vitality: 81%
    Round Cells: 1-2/HPF

    Please suggest if I have any problem.


    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Hello Dev,
      In terms of concentration, vitality and mobility, your semen sample is within de normal range. The only parameter that presents alterations is the morphology, which should be above 4%. This could imply some difficulties trying to achieve natural pregnancy, but it is not an alteration so severe to rule it out.

      If you have been trying to conceive for less than 12 months you can keep doing it until you reach a year looking for it. Once you reach a year of searching, it is advisable to consult a specialist in fertility. The doctor will run some tests to both of you to determine if the cause of the infertility is the altered morphology or if there is some other factor involved. With all this information, he will be able to propose which treatment is the most suitable for your case.

      I hope I have been able to help.

  87. avatar

    Good afternoon Doctor,I had got my results to find out if I able to get my girlfriend pregnant and I want to know what my test results actually means.

    Results Normal Values
    Volume 2 ≥2 mL
    Viscosity Normal Normal or slightly viscous
    Agglutination None None or small clumps
    Concentration 35 ≥20 x 106 / mL
    Total Sperm Count 70 ≥40 x 106
    Percent Motility 68 >50%
    Progressive Motility 2 0-none; 1 – slow; 2 – mod; 3- good; 4 – rapid
    Total Motile Count (x 106) 47 ≥ 20 x 106
    Round Cells < 1 < 5 x 106 /mL
    Kruger Morphology 7 ≥14%

  88. avatar

    My husband result:
    Day of abstinence: 3
    Volume 2.1 ml
    Liquefaction: 15
    Viscocity: normal
    Colour : light yellow
    Concentration : 84 x10^6
    Total count: 197.4
    Motility(%): 71.2
    Progression : 2-2
    Normal morphology : 3
    Pus cell: occasional
    Cellular debris: moderate
    Clumping to cell debris: none
    Tail to tail clumping: minimal
    Head to head clumping: None
    Analysis result: Teratozoospermia

    What do you think of my husband result?
    Shall I proceed with IUI ?

    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Hello Kean86,
      All parameters are ok except for morphology. In order to be able to assess the severity of the situation, I need to know the method by which the morphology has been analysed. There are different methods that have different reference points. Mainly, there are two methods. The one established by the WHO says that the reference point is 4% of normal forms while Kruger morphology establishes it at 14% of normal forms.

      In both cases the diagnosis is teratozoospermia, but depending on the method the diagnosis will be more or less severe. Since the rest of the parameters are normal, if the morphology has been assessed by the WHO method, the semen sample is good enough to be used in an IUI. If it has been assessed by the Kruger method, it could be preferable to choose IVF.

      As a final note, the female fertility should be taken also into account in order to choose the most suitable technique for you.

      I hope I have been able to help.

  89. avatar

    My semen analysis is as follows:

    Volume 1.0 ml
    Colour Opaque
    Liquifaction Time 30 min
    Reaction Alkaline
    Sperm Count 45 millions/ml
    Sperm Motility 80 %
    Active 70 %
    Sluggish 10 %
    Non-motile 20 %
    Sperm morphology Abnormal forms 10% include pinhead forms


    If I have any problem, please suggest me a treatment.

    Thank you,

  90. avatar
    Jyothi Krishna

    Hi doctor,

    I am in badly need of your advice, I have had 3 miscarriages (all are natural, without medicine). At the beginning of 2015, mid 2015 and one this month. After second miscarriage we did all tests and everything came normal except SA. Below you can find my husband’s SA. Please tell us if we should go for any treatment:

    Volume 4ml
    Ph 8
    Fructose present
    Round cell < 1M/ml
    Concentration 129M/ml
    Mortality 74%
    Progressive mortality 65%
    Vitality 79%
    Morphology (normal forms) 2%
    HD 90%
    ND 5%
    TD 3%
    Erc 0%

    Sperm heads are round, vacuolated, few large acrosome space, symmetric mid-piece.

    Total motile sperm count: 381m/ ejection
    Total functional motile sperm: 7.63 m/ ejection

    Sperm deformity index 2.37
    Teratozospermic index 2.41

    Please advise if we should go for any treatment. We don’t know the reason for recurring miscarriages… Please help us

  91. avatar

    My wife and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years but we haven’t used any substance to prevent this for the past almost 12 years.

    Sperm Concentration (mil/ml) 200.00
    Percentage Normal Morphology 16%
    Percent Teratozoospermia 84%
    Teratozoospermis- Description 54% mixed head defects
    Percent Motile 90%
    Pro-normal 40%
    Pro-slow 50%
    Non-pro 10%
    Shaking (in place) 0%

    Color grey
    Odor normal
    Volume (ml) 1.8
    pH 8.0
    Viscosity Normal
    Liquification Normal

    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Dear Isaac,
      All the parameters that the sperm analysis shows are within the normal range. Taking into account how long you have been trying to conceive I recommend that you visit a fertility specialist. The doctor will run some tests, on your partner and yourself, in order to determine the cause of your fertility problems.
      Best wishes.

  92. avatar

    Hi Dr.

    Could you interpret this for me in terms of chances of pregnancy for my husband’s case?

    Appearance: Normal
    Viscosity: increased viscosity
    Liquefaction (with 60 mins) : imcomplete
    Density (*10^6/ml) : 85
    sperm motility: 46
    agglutination: no
    viability %: 59
    round cells (*10^6/ml): <1
    no of WBC/100 sperm cells :<5 (normal ranages -<5 WBC / 100 sperm cells)
    Debris: little

    Morphology of active sperm:
    1. normal: 2
    2. head-piece defects: 74
    3. Mid-piece defects: 18
    4. Tail defects: 6
    5. Immature cells: 0

    What does this mean?

    Looking forward to your reply and advice the as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  93. avatar

    Hello Sandra,

    My husband semen analysis result is remarks: teratozoospermia
    Total motility:70%
    Total sperm count:373.5M
    Leucocytes:0-1 HPf

    What does this mean?
    Please help us… thanks!

    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Dear Anna,
      The diagnosis of teratozoospermia means that the morphology of the spermatozoa is altered and, for example, the head or the tail has an abnormal shape. Those spermatozoa with altered morphology can not swim properly, which hinders its arrival to the Fallopian tube, where fertilization takes place. In case that an abnormal spermatozoon reached the oocyte, it would not be able to fertilize it properly. Finally, a high percentage of abnormal spermatozoa carries chromosomic alterations that, in case of fertilization, might lead into an altered embryo that will not implant in the uterus or that will end in an early miscarriage. For those reasons, it can be difficult for you to conceive naturally.

      Those abnormal spermatozoa can be eliminated from the semen sample in the lab when it is prepared for an assisted reproduction technique. For that reason, it is advisable to contact a fertility specialist so that he can asses you. The doctor will evaluate all your fertility tests and decide which is the best option in your case. The rest of the seminal parameters are normal, which will allow you to use any technique.

      I hope I have been helpful.

      • avatar

        Thank you….but I have a chance to get pregnant naturally?

  94. avatar

    We are trying from May 2015, below my SA report. Did few days ago. Please advice what is the best treatment:

    Color: Opaque
    Liquefaction: Complete
    Viscosity: Normal
    Concentration (x10 ^ 6/ml): 69.0
    Progressive Motility (a+b) (%): 66.0
    Non Progressive Motility (c) (%): 3.0
    Vitality (%): Not Applicable
    Agglutination: Nil
    Round Cells (x10 ^ 6/ml) : <1.0
    Debris: +
    Morphology (%): 5.000

    Comments: Teratozoospermia

    Total no of sperm :200.1 X10^6/ejaculate
    Total No of Normal Motile Sperm: 6.6×10^6/ejaculate
    Total No of Motile Sperm: 132.07×10^6/ejaculate

  95. avatar

    My semen analysis is as follows:

    Volume 1.0 ml
    Colour Opaque
    Liquifaction Time 30 min
    Reaction Alkaline
    Sperm Count 45 millions/ml
    Sperm Motility 80 %
    Active 70 %
    Sluggish 10 %
    Non-motile 20 %
    Sperm morphology Abnormal forms 10% include pinhead forms


    If I have any problem, please suggest me a treatment.

    Please help me.

  96. avatar

    Good evening,

    My husbands semen analysis was all within normal range (macro and micro eval, fwd progression, volume, concentration ph) except for the morphology. From my understanding, this is one of the most important parts of the test. What causes this? My husband is young <30yrs old, healthy, no medical hx., no ETOH, cigarette or drug use. Results are as follows: normal oval%= 1 ( according to your video this is severe teratozospermia), severely amorphous head= 61%, tapered head 4%, small head 22%, large head 9% and coiled tail 2%. What causes this, does this mean his sperm have always been produced with abnormalities? what is the lifespan of a sperm or how long does it take to be produced, meaning are they produced with intercourse and then die after if they don't fertilize an egg or are they sitting in the tests for a while, what can improve his sperms and most importantly if I were to get pregnant is there an increased risk or any relation for chromosomal abnormalities or birth defects since his sperms have abnormalities?

    Thank you for your time.

  97. avatar

    Good evening, my husband’s sperm analysis is:

    Volume normal values 1.5ml
    PH 8.0,
    normal forms 1%,
    progressive motility 61%,
    non progressive motility 3%,
    non motile 36% ,
    count 84 x 10^6 normal 15 x 10^6 per ml

  98. avatar

    My sperm analysis results are:

    Volume: 3
    Color: Normal
    Liquefaction: 20
    Total Motility: 45%
    Total Count: 60 m/Ej
    Total Motile: 27 m/Ej
    Total Progressive motile count: 3 m/Ej
    Immature Germ cells: 2 m/ml
    Pus cells (Proxidaze): 4
    R.B.Cs cells: 0 m/ml
    Agglutination: NIL
    Abnormal forms (St. Kruger): 99%

    I appreciate your feedback,

    Thanks for your effort

  99. avatar


    Normal: 3%
    Abnormal: 97%
    Head defects: 74.23%
    Midpiece defects: 21.65%
    Tail defects: 7.22%
    Teratoz. index: 1.03%
    Nr. prog. motile: 1.09mill

    Concentration: 48mill/ml
    Total: 86.40 mill
    Progressive: 42%
    Not progressive: 5%
    Immotile: 53%
    Total motile prog.: 36.29% mill

  100. avatar

    My husband’s semen values and other details:

    Volume: 4.5ml
    Consistency: thin
    Sperm density: 218 M/ml
    Mortality percentage: 98%
    Abnormal forms: 89%
    Pus cells: occasionally
    Post wash sperm density: 17 M/ml

    Please guide us… is it normal or teratospermia?

  101. avatar

    Hello Dr.,
    My husband semen analysis details:

    Liquefaction:. Normal
    Appearance:. White gray
    Viscosity:. Normal
    Volume:. 3.0 ml
    Ph:. 8.0
    White blood cells:. Abnormal
    Concerntration: 25.4 mil/ml
    Motility:. 50%
    Progressive motility:. 35%
    Non-Progressive motility:. 15%
    Immotile:. 50%
    Viability:. 55%
    Normal Morphology:. 45%
    Total sperm count:. 76.20 mil/ejac

    Please guide us. Is it normal?

    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Dear Ruty,
      All the parameters are within the normal range except for the white blood cells count. Since the presence of white blood cells might be a sign of infection, the doctor might recommend antibiotic treatment. In any case, it is not a fertility problem and you should not have problems trying to conceive.
      Best regards,

  102. avatar
    suresh Reddi

    Dear Sandra, I posted some of my spermmorphology problems & got your valuable suggestions. Our first ICSI was negative. My sperm count has fluctuations from 17 mn / ml to 5 mn/ml. My problem is 0% morphology & 0% motility. Necrozoospermia. I am on Supplement medicines to improve motility & morphology. Does STEM CELL therapy help in improving sperm morphology, motility & concentration. Your advice is highly obliged regards SURESH REDDI

  103. avatar
    Rizwan Tai

    Dear Sandra,
    The following are my sperm test results. Could you please tell me what does this mean?
    Patient Details
    Sex: Male
    Semen Test External Patient
    Date Produced &
    Analysed: 26/06/2017 Viscosity: Normal
    Pot weight: 14.01g Concentration: 130.5mill/ml (15 mill/ml)
    Sample + Pot weight: 18.50g Total sperm/ejaculate: 632.925mill (39)
    Vol. Produced: 4.85ml (1.5) Liquefacation: Complete
    pH 7.9 (0 -14) Agglutination: No
    Appearance: Normal
    Motility Antisperm Antibodies
    Progressive: 40 % Tested: Yes
    Non-Progressive: 4 % lgA: 49% Mixed
    Immotile: 56% lgG: 9% Tail
    Total No. of Progressively
    Motile sperm / ejaculate: 253.17mill (32 mill) Morphology: 3% Normal (>4% Normal)
    Total No. Motile /ml: 52.2mill/ml (15 mill/ml) Round Cells: Yes 1.8mill/ml

    Interpretation of
    Test Results:
    Comments: Of doubtful clinical significance

    Many Thanks
    Rizwan Tai

  104. avatar
    Maria S

    Hello Dr.,
    My husband semen analysis details:
    Volume:. 6.0 ml
    Concentrațion : 12 x 10^6/ml
    Normal forms : 2%
    Liquefaction : Complete
    Viscosity : Normal
    Total number : 72 ( 10^6)
    Progressive :52%
    Non – progressive 7%
    Non -motile 41%
    What does that mean ?

    Please help us … thank you !

    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Dear Maria,
      First of all, I want to point out that the volume is quite elevated. This itself is not a fertility problem but it causes that concentration might seem altered when it is not. Usually, the reference value for concentration is at least 15 x 10^6 / ml. In the case of your husband’s analysis it is under this value. But if you take a look at the total number, the result is excellent since the reference value is at least 39 millions. This means that your husband does not have a sperm quantity problem but, because of the elevated volume, the sample is really diluted, giving the false appearance of a low concentration sample. To sum up, concentration is not a major concern.

      The other parameter that appears altered is morphology. The percentage of normal forms is quite low. This means that you might have some trouble getting pregnant. If you have been trying to conceive for more that 12 months you should visit a fertility specialist in order to decide the best treatment. If you have been less that this period of time, and you are younger than 36, you can keep trying for a little bit longer.

      I hope I have been able to help

  105. avatar

    Hi dr.

    Please help me for my sar.

    Volume 7.3
    Ph 8.5
    Total motility pr + np 70%
    Pr 53%
    Np 26%
    Round cell 1.3
    Agglunation none
    Vitality 81%
    Normal forms 2%
    Immature few
    Wbc none
    Tital sperm count 109.5 x10
    Total motile sperm count 86.50 × 10


  106. avatar

    Hi….are you able to confirm if I should be concerned about these results:

    Sperm volume 4.3 ml
    Ph 8.3
    Sperm density 15.66 X 10 ^6 ml semen
    Sperm progression 26%
    Sperm count 67×10^6
    %non motile 67%
    Liquifaction time 6 minutes
    Morphology 7%

  107. avatar

    Hello Dr.

    My semen analysis are given below:

    Volume : 4.0 ml
    Concentration : 19 million/ml
    Progressive Motility : 35%
    Grade : 2+
    Total Count : 76 million

    Volume : 1.0 ml
    Concentration : 20.4 million/ml
    Progressive Motility : 76%
    Grade : 3+
    Total Count : 20.4 million
    TMF : 15.5 million
    Kruger’s criteria : 1%

    Is it normal ? If not what should I do for become a father. Please guide me.


    • avatar
      Andrea A.Assisted Reproduction Specialist

      Dear Reza,
      Volume, concentration and motility seem within the normal range. The only parameter that seems altered is morphology. Kruger’s criteria is used to evaluate normal morphology and, even though it does not say if the percentage refers to the normal proportion or to the abnormal one, I assume that it is referring to the normal percentage. Therefore, normal morphology is lower than it should be and it might reverberate into fertility problems.

      If you have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months you should go to a fertility specialist, in order to run more tests and establish which would be the most suitable treatment for you. If you have not tried for 12 months yet, and your partner is younger than 36 years old, you can continue until you reach one year search.

      I hope I have been able to help.

      • avatar


  108. avatar

    I’m 31 years old and trying to have baby almost 10 months. I tested my semen two days ago. Please help me by examining the following report:

    Physical Examination
    Colour WhitishWhitish
    Volume (ml) 2.5> or = 1.5
    Liquefaction 30 Mins within 30 Mins
    Fructose Test PositivePositive
    pH AlkalineAlkaline
    Microscopic Examination
    Sperm Concentration (M/ml) 48> or = 15
    Total Sperm count (M/ ejaculate) 120> or = 39
    Morphology (% Normal) 02> or = 04
    Vitality (% Live) 40> or = 58
    Motility within 1 hour of ejaculation
    Total Motility (PR+NP,%) 30> or = 40
    Progressive motility (PR,%) 20> or = 32
    Pus cells 8-10/HPF
    RBCs 0-2/HPF
    Epithelial Cells Occasional/HPF
    Agglutinates Nil
    Aggregates Nil

  109. avatar
    suresh reddi

    Dear Sandra,
    Have posted my problem. Of severe teratozoospermia with 0% motility&0%morphology.Necro zoospermia.kindly suggest solution for these problems.karyotype is normal male46 XY.and no microdeletions on Y chromosomes.I haven’t yet received opinion from you..can stemcell therapy solve my problems please respond regards suresh Reddi.

  110. avatar
    carrie S

    My husband only has 2% normal morphology but all other parameters are healthy. We have conceived 8 times in the last 18 months. 5 chemical pregnancies and 3 first trimester miscarriages. (We have one healthy 3 year old child). I am 41 years old. Just curious if the sperm are the issue or if it’s my eggs? 1 loss was confirmed as trisomy 5 (XX)

  111. avatar

    Hi Sandra…

    My seman reports are
    Count 80 million
    Motility 40 %
    But morphology is bad …normal 3% and abnormal 97 %
    Head issues 83%
    Middle issues 35%

    This is the first month we have started treatment and i am using COQ FORTE tablets twice a day and docter asked me to take 3months course…if not they said alternative method …

    My first question is …Coq forte tablet is enough for 3% morphology is this is good ? Or Are you prefer any other tablet??

    My second ques is … if not cure in 3 months which one is suitable for me IUI or IVF or other ??

    I am looking for natural pregnancy only please help me to improve me

    Awaiting for ur reply..

  112. avatar
    Himansu sahoo

    Hello sir,
    My age 34 year
    My sperm counts shows 51 million
    Normal sperm: 51%
    Abnormal sperm:49%
    Abnormal head:37%
    Abnormal tail :12%
    Motile sperm:1%
    Nonmotile sperm:92%
    Sluggish :7%
    I have teratozoospermia&asthenozoospermia/low motility.
    Kindly suggest to conceive naturally.

  113. avatar
    Owen Claridge

    Hey Sandra

    I went for a sperm test and in dec everything was normal. I just went and did one at the doctors and my sperm count is good. Mobility is 35% in there eyes there good. I have 2% normal sperm and low progressive. Is there thing I can do to improve it since a year and a half ago everything was normal.

  114. avatar

    Hi Dr

    My husband result are as follows


    Sperm count-3
    Semen volume-2.1
    Total sperm count 6.3
    Supravital index 41
    Count normal sperm 0.01
    Count mortal sperm 1
    Liquifaction <60
    Semen ph 7.0
    Viscosity 20


    normal 1
    Amorphic 84
    Megalo 1
    Small 6
    Elongated 8
    Duplication 0
    Precursors 2
    Neck 7
    Cytoplasmic bodies 4


  115. avatar

    Dear Dr.
    I did semen analysis last year in July 2016 and results were as follows:
    Color: Creamy white
    Viscosity: Normal
    Volume: 1.8ml
    Total Count: 61 million/ml
    Motility: 28%
    Progression: 1-3/4
    After 24hrs motility: 62%
    Progression after 24hr:1-3/4
    Comments: Astheno-Teratozoospermia
    Sperm Morphology:
    Abnormal: 100%
    Cephalic: 98%
    Mid Piece: 87%
    Acrosomal Caps:34%
    Vacuoles: 95%
    Please guide what this report means? is it possible for us to conceive naturally?
    we married in 2013, and wife had one miscarriage in 2014. after that we are trying but no success.
    Waiting for your reply.


  116. avatar
    arnel pacris

    hi doc sandra,
    here is the result if my semen

    sperm concentration-21
    sperm count-52.5
    total motility pr+np-48%
    total motile count-25.2
    progredove motility pr-25%
    non progresive np-23%
    sperm vitality-64%
    normal forms-2%

    kindly please advise if my wife havw a chance to be pregnant in normal ways..if not what would be the atlternatives or vitaminals i can take..

    plrase advise..

    thank you

  117. avatar

    Hi..my fiance did a sperm analysis and for morphology,it says spermatazoa morphology; your value= 3.
    It didn’t state it it’s 3% or what the normal value was like it did for pH ,volume,motility ect.Can you please help me by telling me what this means.Its the only value or reference it makes to morphology.

  118. avatar

    Dear doctor,

    my Semen Analysis by SQA V:

    Time of Collection 12:05 pm
    Time of Examination 12:35 pm
    Volume 1 ml
    Coagulation Time Normal
    Liquifaction Time 30 mins
    Appearance Normal
    Odour Normal

    Reaction (pH) Alkaline (pH – 8.0)
    **Fructose Present

    SQA Parameters:
    Total Sperm Concentration 46 millions/ml
    Progressive Motility 44%
    Normal Morphology 70%
    Total Functional Sperm Concentration 3.3 millions/ml
    Sperm Motility Index 97.00
    Interpretation Medium Quality Semen

    Method : Qualitative and Quantitative
    Pin heads, short tails

    So, is there any defect please kindly suggest me pliz.

  119. avatar

    Hi, i have done semen analysis yesterday after 5 days gap, values are,
    Volume =2.0 mL
    Consistency =Liquid
    Color =Light Yellow
    Liquefaction Time =30 mins
    Sperm Count= 77 mil/mL
    Sperm Motility =70 %
    Activity Grade =*3-
    Sperm Morphology =25 %
    Pus Cells 1-2 / HPF
    Pathologist Comments: Sperm count and motility is within normal limits. Many sperms with multiple cervical & cephalic abnormalities seen.
    Disturbed sperm motility pattern.
    * Fast, but undirected movement

    Is this normal? can we have a baby through natural process?

  120. avatar

    i did my semen analysis and the result are as below;

    % normal form – 3%
    volume – 2.5 ml
    viscosity – normal
    ph – 8
    Appearance – normal
    odor – normal
    sperm count – 58m/ml
    round cell count – nil
    Motility Grade A – 05%
    Grade B – 22%
    Grade C – 38%
    Grade D – 35%
    My age is 32 and my wife 26. We are being trying for last one year, No child yet. Is it possible for us to conceive naturally?

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